Cleaning Solutions for Your Place of Worship

We will help keep your place of worship clean and inviting.

Cleaning Churches in Calgary & Edmonton

We know that keeping your church clean is a must to ensure your place of worship is being well presented. Your church is more than a building. It’s a place in which community congregates, it is a place of refuge, worship and celebration.

Our cleaning staff will treat your church, mosque, or temple with a level of service, respect and flexibility you and your congregation expect and deserve. We want the people of the church to focus on touching people’s lives in a positive way, and not be preoccupied with cleaning matters.

Spiritual affairs are a priority for us, and we view our church cleaning services as a way to help you focus on ministry. We offer a vast amount of services for churches, to ensure they are extremely well taken care of.

We tailor our services to your specific needs, including available flexible evening/weekend cleaning schedules. Contact Picture Perfect Cleaning today for a quote.

Detail Oriented Cleaning, Perfect for Your Needs

From cleaning the pews of your church, to the sanctuary, children’s areas, after events areas, to more general concerns about the overall facility cleanliness, our professional commercial cleaning services know exactly how to deliver a great result.

Whether your church has 50 members or 5,000, regular cleaning is essential to maintaining a well presentable building as well as for minimizing germ exposure, creating a healthy environment and improving the safety of your members and staff. We understand the environment of today’s churches and how important is to keep all areas clean.

By using different coloured microfibre cloths for restrooms, break areas, and customer areas, we are sure not to cross contaminate, while doing a great job at cleaning the surfaces that need it.

Hiring Picture Perfect Cleaning to clean your churches is a very good investment. You can feel confident we will have your place of worship sparkling clean.

See What to Expect When Working With Us


Picture Perfect Cleaning has been the most accommodating cleaning company we have ever worked with! Their management strives for quality and client satisfaction. They are continually willing to listen to our feedback and make whatever changes are necessary to ensure we are completely satisfied with the quality of their janitorial services. Their staff are friendly and approachable and are very quick to respond to any urgent or last minute cleaning needs. As a not for profit organisation, Picture Perfect Cleaning has helped us work within our budget, without ever compromising their quality of work or client service.

Picture Perfect Cleaning has treated our Parish with great respect and reverence. Because of their hard work and dedication, our Community takes great pride in our magnificent Church, which has become one of Calgary’s greatest landmarks.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Picture Perfect Cleaning, and we would certainly recommend their services to anyone.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church

We’ve been with Picture Perfect Cleaning for a couple of years now and the whole experience has been terrific. Ours is a unique situation in that St. Peter’s sees well over 2500 people per weekend plus everything else happening on a weekly basis in our facility.  Our expectations for cleanliness and reliability have been exceeded from the get go.  I strongly recommend Picture Perfect Cleaning to anyone looking for peace of mind when it comes to your cleaning needs.

In Christ,

Saint Peters Catholic Church

Our organization hired Picture Perfect Cleaning to improve on our last cleaning company which did not meet our cleaning standards.  Since then we have been pleasantly surprised on the professional and thorough job they have been doing on keeping our facilities at a high standard of cleanliness.  Our staff notice the difference immediately upon the change and commented on how refreshing it is to have a company exceed our expectations.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Picture Perfect and working with Jared, Aaron & Connor.


L’Arche Calgary