Detail-Oriented Medical & Dental Facility Cleaning

We can help keep your practice clean, hygienic, and inviting.

Cleaning Medical & Dental Facilities in Calgary & Edmonton

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. Sick people come to doctor’s offices, and if they’re not cleaned properly, they very well could catch another illness when they visit you. Dental offices specialize in oral hygiene, so what patient would want to make a visit to an unhygienic office?

That’s why we use a hospital grade disinfectant to clean all surfaces that people might come into contact with: doors, handles, counters, sinks, dispensers and the like. Different coloured microfibre cloths and mops are used in different areas to prevent cross contamination. Our staff is carefully trained to keep healthcare facilities safe, sanitary, and healthy for your patients and your staff.

Hiring Picture Perfect cleaning to clean your medical or dental office is an investment you will not regret. You can feel confident that we will have your space sparkling clean.

We have flexible cleaning schedules available, including evening and weekend cleaning, to ensure that excellent cleaning comes at your convenience!

Customizable Cleaning Solutions to Suit Your Needs

  • Administration, reception, and office areas
  • Entry ways and waiting rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Kitchens, bathrooms, and floors
  • Floor waxing and polishing
  • Doors, door handles, chairs, and other surfaces

See What to Expect When Working With Us


Our organization hired Picture Perfect Cleaning to improve on our last cleaning company which did not meet our cleaning standards.  Since then we have been pleasantly surprised on the professional and thorough job they have been doing on keeping our facilities at a high standard of cleanliness.  Our staff notice the difference immediately upon the change and commented on how refreshing it is to have a company exceed our expectations.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Picture Perfect and working with Jared, Aaron & Connor.


L’Arche Calgary

We think Picture Perfect Cleaning’s performance has been outstanding!

We are a complicated company to clean, as we are open 6am-8pm, Monday to Friday and half days on Saturdays. We only have it in our budget for one person to clean. They have to clean around client schedules, team schedules and look after 21,000 sq.ft. This is not an easy task. It requires thinking, planning, organization, thinking above and beyond, being super detailed oriented, being proactive and sometimes reactive (things spill, break, weather is bad, causing the floors to be in a constant state of dirt and wetness) versus an office that would be cleaned with no people around. Often the cleaner has to change directions a few times over the course of the day.

Jared and Aaron have been great to work with from a financial point of view (trying to come to a win win situation), being very responsive to changes and needs, resolving any issues, and being very service oriented. They hired great individuals and take care of their team (they call them family).

Hopefully they shared their story with you, of how they came to be! If not, ask them, as it’s a great story!

Jared, Aaron and team are completely amazing. I highly recommend them.


We hired on Picture Perfect Cleaning, as our last cleaning company was not performing to our high standards. Ever since they came in, we have noticed an immense improvement in the cleanliness of our facility. The PPC team is not only open to feedback, both positive and constructive, but also, responds to us in a timely and efficient manner. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Picture Perfect Cleaning.

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