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Jared Sarbit – Partner

Prior to starting Picture Perfect Cleaning, Jared Sarbit was a senior manager with one of the top national hospitality chains in Canada. Jared earned a college diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. His tireless passion for providing the best service possible to his clients, for hiring and training great people, and for vision-setting has enabled him to achieve several significant results. Following his dream of running his own business and having found a significant gap in the janitorial market, Jared, with the help of Aaron Graham, created Picture Perfect Cleaning in 2010.

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Aaron Graham – Partner

Aaron Graham has many years of experience in the hospitality industry. His high level of integrity and sincere care for people has never failed him in his relationships. His hard work and “never give up” attitude are the perfect combination to take the Picture Perfect Cleaning Operations team to new levels. These characteristics are infectious, giving the PPC team the truly caring outlook that they all embody. Aaron spends quality time with all of PPC’s partners, developing and training them to provide the best service possible. His hands-on approach ensures his vision is fully understood and provided to each and every client. Aaron and Jared naturally became partners in Picture Perfect Cleaning.

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