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Four Places in Your Office That Are Dirtier Than You Think

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Four Places in Your Office That Are Dirtier Than You Think

Importance of Sterilization | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Aside from your home, you spend majority of your day at the office. It is your home away from home, which is perhaps the reason why you never stopped to think about how dirty it may be. Germs linger all around your work space, leaving you at risk to potential infection and illnesses. After this […]

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Five Germ Safe Havens You’d Never Expect

Yoga mat on clean hardwood flooring

Germs are everywhere – in the places that we live, work, visit and even play.  What makes germs a tricky thing to deal with is that they can thrive in places you wouldn’t expect them to be; which means there could potentially be many bacteria-ridden places you frequent that you would not even think to clean. […]

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How Workplace Cleanliness Influences Productivity

Clean germ safe downtown skyscraper building | Picture Perfect Cleaning

We’ve all heard the old adage – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. But is it true? Sure, a clean desk and organized file cabinet make things easy for the next person that has to come in, but is it worth it? A different way of looking at this problem, or opportunity depending on how you […]

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Merry Christmas From All Of Us At Picture Perfect Cleaning!

Christmas wishes form the whole Picture Perfect Cleaning team

This year, the Picture Perfect team got together at Pegasus Greek Restaurant to celebrate the holidays and to reflect on everything that we have to be thankful for. We are thankful for our awesome clients, and to be part of a team that works hard to consistently deliver great results. We are proud of our […]

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Why Those Carpet Stains Won’t Come Out: Understanding Carpet Chemistry

vacuum cleaning carpet for commercial businesses - Commercial Cleaning Services | Picture Perfect Cleaning

A common request we receive from our clients with carpeted offices, and especially in medical and dental offices, is to have stains removed from their carpets. New or old, stains are to carpet what snow is to winter: a seemingly unavoidable calamity, hell-bent on dirtying your floors and making your entrance ways look unclean. We […]

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Commercial Cleaning Tips for Fall

Clean germ sage winding staircase inside a building with hardwood flooring | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Now that summer has finally drawn to a close, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning up your business for the fall. While many people often ignore or forget about fall cleaning, it can be as important for your business as spring cleaning. Giving your business a deep cleaning during the fall can help get […]

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Cleaning the Modern Office

Clean Germ safe Office room | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Are you working in a modern office? Have you noticed the switch from isolating cubicles to open workstations? The modern office’s aim is to get colleagues to interact and collaborate. Many offices of big companies take this new model seriously because it has proven to increase productivity, increase employee satisfaction and create a more comfortable […]

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Always Keep Learning: The Importance of Constant Training

Jared Sarbit and Aaron Graham standing before the Spartan building | Picture Perfect Cleaning

At Picture Perfect Cleaning, we are constantly looking for new ways to increase our customers’ satisfaction by improving our cleaning approach and technique. The two owners of Picture Perfect Cleaning, Jared Sarbit and Aaron Graham, recently attended a seminar in Maumee, Ohio (click here to see pictures from the trip) hosted by Spartan Chemical. We […]

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The Importance of Clean Windows for Your Business

Room with lots of windows and light pouring through | Cleaning services by Picture perfect cleaning

The benefits of keeping your kitchen or bathroom clean are obvious, but what about your windows? Many businesses have windows that are difficult to reach and cleaning them may seem like more trouble than they’re worth. Dirty windows can make a business feel uncomfortable and unappealing, and they can also have a negative impact on […]

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How to Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean

how to keep your office kitchen clean | Picture Perfect Cleaning

Most businesses have a break room or kitchen where employees can enjoy their lunches and take coffee breaks. If these spaces are not taken care of and allowed to remain messy with debris and food particles, they can breed bacteria, germs, and mould.  Additionally, in an office, many different people come into contact with communal […]

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